Step into the strange with Swan River Press

Samhain approaches and the veil grows thin. It’s the time of year for spinechilling tales of otherworldly encounters. Spend the season with a title from Swan River Press — Ireland’s only publishing house dedicated to literature of the gothic, fantastic, strange and supernatural.
A selection of titles from Swan River Press, with the book "Bending to Earth: Strange Stories by Irish Women" faced out.

Founded in 2003 and named for one of Dublin’s subterranean rivers, Swan River Press is, as Joyce Carol Oates described it, at the “cutting edge of New Gothic“. The press is dedicated to highlighting Ireland’s often overlooked contributions to Gothic and horror literature, but they’re also making their own contributions towards the genre’s future, publishing new work by contemporary authors around the world. In addition to their rich and eclectic contents, each Swan River Press title is a beautiful object designed with great care. As the Washington Post noted, “While small publishers often produce beautiful books, few can match those from Swan River Press.”

We’re proud to now be stocking many of Swan River Press’s remarkable titles on our website, and you can find even more — including their gorgeous hardbacks — in our shop at 17 D’Olier St. So come by, have a browse, and step into a hidden world of supernatural stories from Ireland and beyond.