Your Duck Is My Duck

by Deborah Eisenberg


Your Duck Is My Duck | 9781787702639

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:15/10/2020 by Europa Editions (UK) Ltd


By turns dark and hilarious, at times solemn and mysterious, Your Duck is My Duck cements Deborah Eisenberg’s reputation as one of America’s greatest living writers of fiction.

“Hugely intelligent, funny, subtle, beautifully written, these stories reach beyond New York into the world.”-Tessa Hadley

“If our culture can produce a writer this wonderful, there must be something beautiful about us yet.”-George Saunders

“[A] scintillating showcase.”-Anthony Cummins, The Observer

“Shudderingly intimate and mordantly funny.”-The New York Times

Now in B-format Paperback
Each of the six stories that make up this new collection-Eisenberg’s first for twelve years-has the heft and complexity of a novel. With her own inexorable logic and uncanny ability to conjure up the strange states of mind and emotion that constitute our daily consciousness, Eisenberg pulls us as if by gossamer threads through the lives of her characters. In her world, the forces of money, sex and power cannot be escaped, and the force of history, whether confronted or denied, cannot be evaded. No one writes better about time, tragedy and grief, and the indifferent but beautiful universe around us.

“Ducks are having a literary moment.”-The Times’ Books Bulletin

“Comic, elegant and pitch perfect.”-Vanity Fair