Wulfie: Wulfie Saves the Planet


Wulfie: Wulfie Saves the Planet | 9781912417780 | Lindsay J Sedgwick

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:02/09/2021 by Little Island


The third instalment of a sweet and funny series about a young girl and her magical wolfish best friend

Libby has a difficult school project on raising awareness about the environment. Libby has no ideas … but Wulfie does! Wulfie grows very big, puts on his red cape and Veronika’s eye mask and becomes a superhero! Wulfie is certain he can save the planet. But Wulfie’s superhero efforts don’t quite go to plan. Can Libby create a winning school project while protecting the planet and her best friend?

With a best friend like Wulfie, anything can happen!

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