Why I Am Not A Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto

by Jessa Crispin


Why I Am Not A Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto | 9781612196015 | Jessa Crispin

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:21/02/2017 by Melville House Publishing


Are you a feminist? Do you believe women are human beings and that they deserve to be treated as such? That women deserve all the same rights and liberties bestowed upon men? If so, then you are a feminist? or so the feminists keep insisting. But somewhere along the way, the movement for female liberation sacrificed meaning for acceptance, and left us with a banal, polite, ineffectual pose that barely challenges the status quo. In this bracing, fiercely intelligent manifesto, Jessa Crispin demands more.

Why I Am Not A Feminist is a radical, fearless call for revolution. It accuses the feminist movement of obliviousness, irrelevance, and cowardice – and demands nothing less than the total dismantling of a system of oppression.

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