Wherever it is Summer

by Tamara Bach


Wherever it is Summer | 9781910411568 | Tamara Bach

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/06/2016 by Little Island


A touching story of unlikely friendship and the redemptive power of love.

The last thing either Jana (13) or Louise (17) is looking for on this hot and boring summer is a friend of totally the wrong age. But then one day, they abandon their responsibilities and irritating families, and head off in a ‘borrowed’ car for a day by the lake. Their adventure is simple – beer, ice-cream, swimming, singing – but the friendship it forges between them turns out to be profound. When Jana experiences loss, it is only Louise’s tender and funny postcards that can haul her out of depression – right out of her bedroom window and off on another adventure.

Written in a light, amusing style, and in the alternating voices of its two heroines, this is a touching story of the redemptive power of love.

‘Wherever It Is Summer deftly explores the no-man’s-land between childhood and adulthood and the power of female friendship, in language that is subtle and surprising.’ – Deirdre Sullivan, author of Tangleweed and Brine