What’s the Difference?

by Emma Strack


What’s the Difference? | 9781452161013 | Emma Strack

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Published:11/01/2018 by Chronicle Books


What distinguishes a mandarin orange from a clementine, an iris from a pupil, a tornado from a cyclone, and a bee from a wasp? The difference is in the details! This contentrich illustrated extravaganza distills the distinctions between an impressive collection of pairs-from animals to food to geography and more-offering enlightening trivia, amusing tidbits, and unforgettable facts in a highly browsable format. Young readers can dip in quickly to feed their curiosity, or delve into the details and stay awhile. With a bold, graphic art style and an accessible, smart text, this miscellany collection will enrich probing minds (or is it “brains”?!).