Under Clouded Skies

by Mark Treharne


Under Clouded Skies | 9781852242596 | Mark Treharne

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:27/01/1994 by Bloodaxe Books Ltd


Philippe Jaccottet’s poetry is meditative, immediate and sensuous. It is rooted in the Drome region of south-east France, which gives it a rich sense of place. This book brings together his reflections on landscape in the prose pieces of Beauregard (1980) and in the poems of Under Clouded Skies (1983), two thematically linked collections which are remarkable for their lyrical restraint and quiet power.

Jaccottet’s poetry is largely grounded in landscape and the visual world, pursuing an anxious and persistent questioning of natural signs, meticulously conveyed in a syntax of great inventiveness. His work is animated by a fascination with the visible world from which he translates visual objects into verbal images and ultimately into figures of language. His poems are highly attentive, pushing the eye beyond what it sees, enacting a rich hesitation between meaning conferred and meaning withheld.

Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation. French-English bilingual edition.