Too Many Ponies

by Sheena Wilkinson


Too Many Ponies | 9781908195258 | Sheena Wilkinson

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:26/04/2013 by Little Island


Rosevale is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused horses, but Aidan’s family can’t afford to run it any longer. If Rosevale closes down, though, what is going to happen to all the horses that are looked after there?

Then Lucy comes up with a super idea: there’s a cross-country competition offering an unbelievable prize of GBP5,000. Can they possibly muster a team that is good enough to beat the posh stables and win the competition? Not without Aidan’s help – but Aidan has lost his nerve and is terrified of riding.

The future of Rosevale is at stake. Aidan is going to have to help. He can’t – but he just has to …