The Tain: The Great Irish Battle Epic


The Tain: The Great Irish Battle Epic | 9781915071064 | Alan Titley

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:17/03/2023 by Little Island


Queen Maeve’s army is marching north to steal the great brown bull, the pride of Ulster. But one man stands in their way. Cuchulainn, the Hound of Ulster, vowed in boyhood to protect his homeland – even if it means taking on an invading army himself.

One by one Maeve’s warriors challenge the hero, and one by one they fall. Can Cuchulainn hold out until reinforcements arrive – and how will he fare against the one man in Ireland he doesn’t want to fight?

Ireland’s most important myth is retold in English for children by the great scholar of Old Ireland, Alan Titley. Titley goes back to the source material and his translation sparkles with the wit and humour, as well as the thrill and battle, of the ancient tale. Illustrations by artist Eoin Coveney lend a modern feel. This is Irish myth as you haven’t read it before.

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