The Stinging Fly 48 Vol 2 Summer 2023


The Stinging Fly 48 Vol 2 Summer 2023 | 9781906539986 |

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Format:Paperback / softback


Anne Carson | ‘Happiness’
Jean-Baptiste Del Amo | ‘Fraco’ (translated by Frank Wynne)
Luca Demetriadi | ‘Flight Attendant’
Arnold Thomas Fanning | The Unredeemed (a novella extract)
Ella Gaynor | ‘Year of the Crab’
Louise Hegarty | ‘If’
Brendan Killeen | ‘The Big Why’
Afric McGlinchey | A Feather Drifting Up (a novel extract)
Peter McNamara | ‘Solo’
Michel Nieva | ‘Do Gauchoids Dream of Electric Rheas?’ (translated by Rahul Bery)
Michael Phoenix | ‘Separation’
Beth Preece | ‘Garden’
Elodie A. Roy | ‘Brussels 2018’
Eimear Ryan | ‘The After Shot’
John Saul | ‘You of all people have gone’
Moso Sematlane | ‘Fern Between Rocks’
Greg Thorpe | ‘Stars’

Featured Poet
Michael Dooley | Six poems

Clíodhna Bhreatnach | ‘The assistant’
Simon Costello | Two poems
Derek Coyle | ‘Carlow Poem #147’
Jonathan C. Creasy | ‘Instructions for the repair of ordinary objects’
Michelle Delea| ‘Vermin Scurry Catching-up’
Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi | Two poems
Alina Hanusiak | ‘Znòrt!’
Eva H.D. | ‘Hollyhocks’
Umang Kalra | ‘NEW GRIEF’
John Kinsella | ‘Scales’
Alice Lyons | Two poems
Charlie McIlwain | ‘Honen is reciting’
Ray Malone | ‘INTERVAL 186’
Geraldine Mitchell | ‘Out of Nowhere’
Padraig Regan | Two sonnets
Jan Wagner | ‘the mission station’ (translated by David Keplinger)
Ralf Webb | ‘Such a Night’
Grace H. Zhou | Two poems

Jen Brady | ‘The Boil Knows’
Jessica Traynor | ‘The Curse’
Paul Van Sickle | ‘Playing for Change’

Pat Curran

Cover Design
Eimear Gavin

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