The Snow Line


The Snow Line | 9781912854479 | Tessa McWatt

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:12/05/2022 by Scribe Publications


Four strangers from around the world arrive in India for a wedding. Together, they climb a mountain – but will they see the same thing from the top?

Londoner Reema, who left India before she could speak, is searching for a sign that will help her make a life-changing decision. In pensioner Jackson’s suitcase is something he must let go of, but is he strong enough?

Together with two unlikely companions, they take a road trip up a mountain deep in the Himalayas, heading for the snow line, where the ice begins. But even standing in the same place, surrounded by magnificent views, they see things differently.

As they ascend higher and higher, they must learn to cross the lines that divide them.

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