The Siege of Londonderry


The Siege of Londonderry | 9781801510622 |

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Published:28/10/2022 by Four Courts Press Ltd


As Ireland descended into war in 1689, Londonderry was isolated and besieged. Unable to stop the Irish advance or to control the “ungovernable rabble” that flooded into the city, the governor deserted. The city’s defence was left to men described by their commander as “rogues” and “sons of whores.” In the desperate fighting that followed, every assault on the city’s walls ended in failure, as did every attempt to drive the Irish off. Exasperated by the inexperienced Irish officers, the French took over the siege. The city was saved by a combination of the sturdy defences and an outbreak of typhus which killed almost half the population (and all the children), a tragedy without which the city would have been starved into an early surrender. This new book casts a critical eye over these sources, and for the first time provides a thorough analysis of the wealth of material that has since come to light recently. Every aspect of the siege is held up to careful scrutiny and retold. The result is an account of the siege very different to any published to date.

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