The Rockingham Shoot and Other Dramatic

by John McGahern


The Rockingham Shoot and Other Dramatic | 9780571336630 | John McGahern

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Published:28/03/2018 by Faber & Faber


Sinclair; The Sisters; Swallows; The Rockingham Shoot; The Power of Darkness

John McGahern, the leading Irish novelist of his generation, wrote a substantial number of compelling scripts for radio and television. This volume brings together five of his produced works, at the heart of which sits the previously unpublished The Rockingham Shoot, a dark and powerful play for television that concerns a Nationalist teacher whose attempt to prevent his pupils beating at a pheasant shoot held in honour of the British Ambassador leads to a shockingly violent incident. Collectively, these dramatic works offer an evocative and often stark account of a deeply troubled and divided nation.