The Poison Glen

by Annemarie Ni Churreain


The Poison Glen | 9781911338154 | Annemarie Ni Churreain

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Published:04/11/2021 by The Gallery Press


The story of the stolen or missing child sits at the heart of The Poison Glen, alongside a desire to bear witness to family loss and cultures of silence in Ireland. Weaving together landscape, history, and ancient Irish mythology, here are poems of grit and burning, of wildness, grace and magic, of dreaming and compassion. The collection is rooted by ‘The Foundling Crib’, a poem that dwells on the Dublin Foundling Hospital of the 1700s, accompanied by poems written as responses to various Irish church- and state-run institutions. In poems both tender and ferocious the book illuminates questions that run deep in the Irish psyche. Ultimately it asks, How can darkness be overcome by light?

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