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Allis Hamilton, A Pindari Day
Toma? ?alamun / Brian Henry, Lacquer, The Right of the Powerful, Prayer, Vacation
Matilde Campilho / Daniel Hahn, from Arrow
Matilde Campilho / Robin Myers, Rome Rose
Leo Boix, A Prayer, Grandmother Prays to the Grotto Virgin of Costa Bonita Read Leo?s Latinx Mixtape
Ralf Webb, On Waking, Going West
Tiffany Atkinson, Good, Boom
Zakia Carpenter-Hall, The Gold Price, She Found God in Herself and She Loved Her Fiercely
Sam Riviere, Darken Fame, Safe Poem, Old Dogs
Stanley Moss, Alas, My Compass
Paul McMahon, What Man Doesn?t
Asmaa Jama, exit strategies
Emily Bludworth de Barrios, from The Pelvic Bone
Joe Dunthorne, His hands, do they receive blood?, Book launch, Vodyanoy
Kit Fan, Delphi
Ale? ?teger / Brian Henry, Ancestors
Fiona Benson, RAF Poem
Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Stair Psalm
Moriana Delgado, Super Peach
Matthew Caley, The Spill
Clementine E. Burnley, How to eat frogs, Musungedi, A Swiss Lace Front Wig
Hugh McMillan, Carbonation
Stephanie Burt, Toasty, a Hound
Maya C. Popa, Year
Tom Sastry, Searching for the last word
Holly Corfield Carr, The Drawer
m. nourbeSe philip, Island Liturgy III, Bush Bath

The Poetry Society Annual Lecture
m. nourbeSe philip: Small Islands Long Poems or the unEpic of Small in the Spiraling Memory of History

Our Shield of Silk: Hannah Hodgson on Poetry and Chronically Dying

How My Bastard Verses Are Made: Mona Arshi on the Journey of the Modern Ghazal into English

Gregory Leadbetter on William Wootten?s Reading Walter de la Mare
Carol Rumens on Selima Hill and Lorna Goodison
Marek Sullivan on Maria Stepanova and Najwan Darwish in translation
Stephen Wilson reviews Tiffany Atkinson, Daniel Sluman and Rachael Boast
Dzifa Benson on Elizabeth-Jane Burnett and lisa luxx
Kate Simpson on Gail McConnell, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe and Threa Almontaser
Zakia Carpenter-Hall reviews translations of Alireza Abiz and Kim Seung-Hee
Chris Cusack reviews Stephen Sexton and Caleb Klaces
Kit Fan on The Letters of Thom Gunn

Cover artwork by Kate Dehler

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