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Toon Tellegen / Judith Wilkinson, Righteousness on My Side, On the Other Shore, Small Demons
Rebecca Tam?s, St Joan in Missouri, St Joan in Massachusetts
Mildred K. Barya, Things Have Been Disappearing
Jane Yeh, Murder, She Wrote
Athena Farrokhzad / Pamela Robertson-Pearce, from Donkey Days
Mark Waldron, Hippopotami at the Water Hotel, How a Poem Works
Mikko Harvey, The Best Bread in the World
Heather Phillipson, THE METHOD
Martha Kapos, Night-time, Advent Calendar, Living Room Land
Maya Krishnan, Hangover as lasting as empire
Fred D?Aguiar, Wake
Daniel Moysaenko, Interlude
Eve Esfandiari-Denney, Good and better lies
Tara Bergin, Four Dances
Maria Sledmere, Pop Shrub
Colette Bryce, Spring Poem
Sam Willetts, The lovely damage, My Plans for the Past, December 21st
M?che?l McCann, Surreal
Jay Gao, Mozart?s Starling
Yahya Hassan / Jordan Barger, Burglary
Lewis Buxton, Some Horses
Kim Moore, Giving Birth with Anne
Harmony Holiday, Productive
Jennifer Militello, Bleat, Pilgrim
Scott McKendry, Headcheese, Ain?t Mississippi
Tim Craven, Fire, Devour Us
Greta Stoddart, My life came up to me and said

Fiona Sze-Lorrain: Hand Notes from One Language to Another

Heather Phillipson?s cardboard boxes

Three essays
Joyelle McSweeney, Vona Groarke and Degna Stone on Sylvia Plath marking the 90th year of her birth

Alexa Winik reviews an anniversary edition of Diane di Prima?s Revolutionary Letters
Joanna Lee reviews Jack Underwood and Fiona Benson
George Szirtes on Polly Atkin, Agnieszka Studzinska and Sheri Benning
Chrissy Williams reviews Rosanna Bruno and Anne Carson?s The Trojan Women and Isobel Williams? Catullus
Isabelle Baafi on Vahni (Anthony Ezekiel) Capildeo and Will Alexander
Oliver Dixon reviews Kaveh Akbar and Kevin Young
Alycia Pirmohamed on Padraig Regan and Warsan Shire
Sam Buchan-Watts reviews a collection of essays on poets? novels
Chris Cusack on Carolyn Jess-Cooke and Maurice Riordan

The National Poetry Competition 2021: poems by top three winners Eric Yip, Jed Myers and Emma Purshouse

Cover artwork by Ian Felice

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