The Mouth of the Earth

by Manuel Rivas


The Mouth of the Earth | 9781848616233 | Manuel Rivas

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:11/03/2019 by Shearsman Books


For Manuel Rivas, words are the most sensitive of creatures. In the same way that frogs or glow-worms are the first to manifest signs of pollution in the natural environment, words suffer as a result of corruption in the socio-political sphere. In his work as journalist, writer of fiction, poetry or essays, he is consistent in his role as custodian of all sensitive creatures; his writings document historical damage and alert us to potential future harm to our natural, linguistic and political eco-systems.

“Rivas is, without doubt, the most important figure (and the best known) in contemporary Galician literature […]. His fictions bear the tone of an oral tale.”
-Alberto Manguel

“Manuel Rivas is an important storyteller because he is sensitive and has an incredible ear, which, in his fiction, is allied to great integrity.”
-John Berger

“Rivas is an indisputable classic”
-The Scotsman

“An author who knows how to introduce poetry, not only in his phrasing, but also in his way of seeing the world.”
– Raphaelle Rerolle, Le Monde