The Moustachapillar

by Jonty Lees


The Moustachapillar | 9780957471702 | Jonty Lees

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:28/05/2013 by Eight Books


This new edition of children’s book from author and illustrator, Jonty Lees, tells the amusing and charming story of a young boy, Eric, in his quest to gain a moustache. Unable to grow one of his own he experiments with various objects around the home much to his mother’s despair. Then, one day when walking in the park he meets a caterpillar. Together the new friends go on various adventures before they enter and win a moustache competition! Alas, Eric’s mother makes the new “friend” go back to his natural environment. However, Eric’s sadness is shortlived as the two old friends are soon reunited.