The Miser and Other Plays

by Jean-Baptiste Moliere


The Miser and Other Plays | 9780140447286 | Jean-Baptiste Moliere

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:27/01/2000 by Penguin Books Ltd


Moliere combined all the traditional elements of comedy – wit, slapstick, spectacle and satire – to create richly sophisticated and enduringly popular dramas. The Miser is the story of Harpagon, a mean-spirited old man who becomes obsessed with making money out of the marriage of his children, while The Hypochondriac, another study in obsession, is a brilliant satire on the medical profession. The School for Wives, in which an ageing domestic tyrant is foiled in his plans to marry his young ward, provoked such an outcry that Moliere followed it with The School for Wives Criticized – a witty retort to those who disapproved of the play’s supposed immorality. And while Don Juan is the darkest and most tragic of all the plays in this collection, it still mocks the soullessness of the skinflint with scathing irony.