The Measure of a Man

by Malvaldi, Marco


The Measure of a Man | 9781787701878

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Format:Paperback / softback


October 1493, the height of the Renaissance. In a rapidly changing world, Milan flourishes under the leadership of Ludovico ilMoro. Those wandering the courtyards ofthe city’s castle often encounter a man in his forties dressed in long pinkrobes, lost in his own thoughts.

The man lives above his workshop, with hismother and a mischievous little boy whom he dotes on; he doesn’t eat meat,writes from right to left, and struggles to get paid by his employers. His nameis Leonardo da Vinci. His fame extends beyond the Alps, to the French court ofCharles VIII, whose envoys have been tasked with a secret mission that concernsLeonardo himself, and his most daring designs.

When a man is found dead in the Castle’s courtyard, il Moro turns to Da Vincifor help. Though the corpse shows no signs of violence, the death is highlysuspicious: rumours of a plague or superstitious explanations need to bedisproven quickly. Leonardo is in no position to refuse his master’s request toinvestigate.