The Leprechaun who wished he wasn’t

by Siobhan Parkinson


The Leprechaun who wished he wasn’t | 9780862783341 | Siobhan Parkinson

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/04/1993 by O'Brien Press Ltd


Laurence is a leprechaun who has been small for 1100 years and is sick of it! He wants to be TALL. He wants to be cool. Then he meet Phoebe, a large girl who wants to be small.

When she invites him to live in her house, Laurence is delighted. He starts wearing jeans and denim jackets and gets rid of the pointy hat. But there is one thing about leprechauns that you can’t change – they are always up to mischief. And when Laurence decides on a new career … that’s when the fun really starts!

A tall tale indeed!