The Keeper of the Crock of Gold

by Bairbre McCarthy


The Keeper of the Crock of Gold | 9781856355643 | Bairbre McCarthy

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Published:30/09/2007 by The Mercier Press Ltd


A delightful and magnificently illustrated collection of tales that brings the Irish leprechaun to life for readers of all ages.

Beautifully illustrated

Ten charming original stories

Ideal children’s gift book

A collection of stories about the adventures and mischief of the Irish leprechaun. The leprechaun is the shoe-maker of the Irish fairy kingdom. He is a solitary fairy, fun-loving and very crafty. He is often seen sitting cross-legged with a tiny hammer in his hand, working on a fairy shoe. The leprechaun is the keeper of the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow and he knows where all the wealth of the world is buried. If you are lucky enough to catch him, you must keep your eyes on him at all times and not allow him to distract your attention or he will disappear. If he does not outsmart you he can make you very wealthy and can make your wishes come true!