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The Grind is set in Dublin’s inner-city, where, drug dealers, gangsters, MMA fighters, Drug addicts are caught up in the violent underworld of northside Dublin, and artists and lovers try to break free from suffering. Stories from the frontlines, stories like no other in modern Irish literature.

A voice for, and of, the voiceless. Parkinson’s work packs a punch, both literary and political.
-The Irish Examiner

At least in Irish Literature, a true original… Whose antecedents are not the usual suspects but Bukowski, Hubert Selby jr and Nelson Algren.
-Books Ireland Magazine

Parkinson has set himself up unashamedly and without irony as a singer of the human soul in its contrary states of degradation and exaltation. It’s worth listening to him.
-The Irish Times

If you have not heard of the Irish writer Karl Parkinson before… You really need to move in better and more alternative circles; you’re missing out on something special…– no false nostalgia or theme pub metaphors…As down and as dirty as Shane Magowan’s teeth before he had them fixed. Parkinson writes of an Ireland that the Cook’s Tours skip over – poverty, drugs, death, crime, do what you have to do because there is no one to help you to do anything else. If it was any more Existentialist, Sartre and Camus would emerge from the grave and kiss him on both cheeks.
-The London Economic

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