The Good Activist


The Good Activist | 9781915318008 | Bronagh Curran

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:12/04/2022 by Merdog Books


Maeve Daly is a product of her time, opinionated, impressionable and determined. But she is also a product of her upbringing, for half of her life she called her teen- age mother her sister and never knew her place in the family, let alone the world. So when she finds like-minded social and eco activists The Clan, and a mother fig- ure in their enigmatic leader Ferdia Cusack, her fate is set on a path of destruction. Maeve?s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and extreme ? especially when a burgeoning relationship with fellow Clan member awakens her sexual desire. Intoxicated by everything her new family can give her, Maeve puts their needs above all else.

She is willing to shed blood for the cause. But as the final reckoning beckons, will she truly turn her back on her old family in favour of her new one?

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