The Family Retreat


The Family Retreat | 9780571349579 | Bev Thomas

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:11/05/2023 by Faber & Faber


‘A beautifully written, emotionally intelligent thriller.’ Daily Mail

‘A gripping and smart thriller that kept me guessing .Sensitive but not sensationalist, a page turner with an important message, I was hooked.’ MARISA BATE


When Rob decides the family needs to get away for the summer Jess is not convinced – won’t all the things they’re escaping be waiting for them on their return? But the kids are thrilled, and before long their idyllic little cottage, the sea air, and the feel of skin sticky from sun-cream, lollies and sand, begins to work its magic. Jess allows herself to sink into the holiday vibes – the family even make holiday friends.

The summer heat intensifies Jess – ever vigilant – unearths a secret, a problem she’s sure she can help solve. But things are not always as they seem. The water may look inviting but even the gentlest looking waves can hide the deadliest undercurrents.

As autumn approaches, Jess – and the reader – will come to realise this is going to end in a way no-one could have imagined…

What readers are saying

‘What a fantastic read. I could not put it down!’ *****
‘A fantastic twist. . . I was completely hooked.’ *****
‘The plot was riveting.’ *****
‘I was gripped by the story and invested in the characters.’ *****

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