The Dublin Review: 89: Winter 2022


The Dublin Review: 89: Winter 2022 | 9781919626741 | Brendan Barrington

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:05/12/2022 by Dublin Review Books


Maggie Armstrong Dinner and a Show
‘How it is that your friends have no idea who you are?’ [short story]

Eoin Butler Working for the dole
Social welfare in the time of Covid [personal history]

Ella Gaynor Salad? Sauce? Toasted? Cut in half?
A city and its chicken fillet rolls [essay]

Rita Jacob Hunter
‘The circle of fog was what she needed’ [short story]

Tom Lee My father’s asylum
On the past and present of a vast mental hospital [essay]

Nathan O’Donnell Yum Yum
Landscapes of desire and memory [personal history]

David Ralph My two best gals
‘I couldn’t meet the dog’s stare’ [short story]

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