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The Book Lover’s Joke Book | 9780712354516 | Alex Johnson

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Published:13/10/2022 by British Library Publishing


The Book Lover’s Joke Book is the funniest book about books you’ll ever read. You’ll find jokes about writers, agents, publishers, librarians, grammar, poetry, bookcases, and lightbulbs. There are rib-ticklers for typographers, crackers for critics, and badly foxed quips about antiquarian bookshops. Here too are the best literary April Fool’s (the joke’s on you), rejection letters (the joke’s on the publisher), cookbook jests (the joke’s a bit crumby) and wardrobe puns (the joke’s Narnia business). This delightful literary celebration will make every bibliophile laugh out loud, even in the library.

I love telling people spoilers about The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Never gets old.

Why does Wally always wear a stripey shirt?
Because he doesn’t want to be spotted.

What’s the difference between Romeo and Juliet and COVID-19?
One’s a coronavirus and the other’s a Verona crisis.

Who was JRR Tolkien’s favourite singer?
Elvish Presley

“Your diary is really good,” said his wife.
“My thoughts exactly,” replied Samuel Pepys.

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