The Bone Season

by Samantha Shannon


The Bone Season | 9781408882528 | Samantha Shannon

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:09/02/2017 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


A dreamer who can start a revolution

For the past two hundred years the Scion government has led an oppressive campaign against unnaturalness in London.

Clairvoyance in all its forms has been decreed a criminal offence, and those who practise it viciously punished. Forced underground, a clairvoyant underworld has developed, combating persecution and evading capture.

Paige Mahoney, a powerful dreamwalker operating in the Seven Dials district of London, leads a double life, using her unnaturalness illegally while hiding her gift from her father, who works for the Scion regime…

This beautiful new edition includes the prequel novella, The Pale Dreamer

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