Tell the Time: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 5-7 years


Tell the Time: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 5-7 years | 9780241515464 | Ladybird

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:31/03/2022 by Penguin Random House Children'


Tell the Time
Level: KS1
Subject: Maths

Help children learn about time with the friendly students of Ladybird Class! Join Zara Penguin, Tao Meerkat, Ali Lion, Olivia Crocodile, Noah Panda and Nia Hedgehog as they have fun telling the time.

Included in this book:
* Engaging questions, colourful illustrations and fun, motivating activities aligned with primary learning and Key Stage 1 (KS1), perfect for supporting your child’s home learning alongside school.
* All the key skills your child needs to tell the time including reading analogue clock faces, practising whole hours, half hours and quarters, and learning about seasons, calendars and estimating time in different contexts.
* Fun extension activities, helpful parent notes and activity answers support your child’s learning and give them a sense of achievement.

A perfect follow-on title to Maths Problem-Solving: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book 5-7 years.

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