Tales of the Irish Hedgerows

by Tony Locke


Tales of the Irish Hedgerows | 9780750995702 | Tony Locke

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:05/10/2020 by The History Press Ltd


Traditional hedgerows are rapidly vanishing from our countryside. With their disappearance, we lose not only their flora and fauna but also the tales and folklore that have always surrounded them.

This book records these stories before they disappear from memory. With chapters dedicated to specific plants or animals, we learn about the folklore of the hedgehog, the badger, woodmouse, thrush, wren, bumblebee, hawthorn, foxglove and hazel and many more.

These are tales of wisdom and magic that help us to gain a greater understanding of the natural world we live in and which encourage us to live in closer harmony with that world.