Tain: The Women’s Stories


Tain: The Women’s Stories | 9781399908849 | Karina Tynan

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Format:Paperback / softback


Táin is a collection of mythic stories covering the territory of the great epic, The Táin Bó Cúailnge, from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology that are told from the perspectives of the women. While each story is a stand-alone piece, they all play their part in giving a sense of the complete tale. Poetically retold and intuitively illustrated, the stories capture the hearts and souls of the women, bringing them alive in a deeply personal way, through a backdrop of death and slaughter.

Myth always holds the potential for wisdom and insight, and so, like poetry there is often more to be seen than the poet intends. This leaves these stories open to many interpretations, as is evident from the response of the artist, Kathy Tynan who has found her way creatively and intuitively through the women’s stories.

The book is beautifully bound with silver artwork front and back.

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