Swarm of Bees Lemony Snicket hb

by Lemony Snicket


Swarm of Bees Lemony Snicket hb | 9781783449125 | Lemony Snicket

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Published:04/07/2019 by Andersen Press Ltd


It can feel good to be angry. It can feel better to stop.
Swarm of Bees! Swarm of Bees! You are SO angry! What will you do?

Watch out! A mischievous boy has unleashed an angry swarm of bees! The result is a zany gallop through a charming town where readers will encounter evidence of some bad behaviour, some frenzied anger and thankfully, a hug and some spaghetti.

From best-loved children’s author Lemony Snicket and the supremely talented illustrator Rilla Alexander.