Starfish Stretches and Bedtime Breathing


Starfish Stretches and Bedtime Breathing | 9780241519646 | Ladybird

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Format:Board book

Published:23/06/2022 by Penguin Random House Children'


A collection of playful and accessible mindfulness exercises to calm little bodies and minds.

This large tabbed board book features 8 simple exercises to guide children through the day from morning stretches to bedtime breathing. Each exercise is illustrated with bright, animated artwork from Sandra de la Prada.

From sunshine stretches to bumblebee breathing, this interactive book focusses on exercises that involve play, physical movement and breathing to make mindfulness fun and accessible for young children.

This early introduction to mindfulness will help children to manage worries, encourage focus and make bedtime and waking up that bit more fun.

Written in consultation with a child development psychologist and mindfulness expert.

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