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Published:15/08/2002 by Taylor & Francis Ltd


Spon’s Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book 2003 is still the only annual services engineering price book available anywhere. This annual guide to pricing electrical and mechanical (HEVAC) services installation contains material prices, labour elements and measured works prices for mechanical contracts from pipework to ductwork and heating systems to air conditioning. Electrical contacts are also covered, from power supply through to light switches.
The M&E comes with a ‘free’ CDROM that enables the reader to view the entire book on screen, cut and paste prices into other tender documents, export to other major packages, perform simple calculations, index search, produce estimate and tender documents, adjust rates and data.
With the added bonus of the Approximate Estimating sections enabling quick, rule-of-thumb pricing, with detailed data and analysis, the 2003 edition of the Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book provides the definitive estimating toolkit for the construction, building and surveying industries. New Features for 2003
The approximate estimating section now includes:
Wider range of building types for both elemental and all-in m2 rates
All-in rates for pipework

In the Measured works section:
The electrical section is now in line with the CAWS that SMM7 follows
Added information on access control and security detection and alarm
The mechanical section includes more information on plant and equipment (i.e. chillers and heat rejection equipment, condensing boilers, terminal units, under floor heating, BMS and controls, and fire rated ductwork).