Snow Falling on Chestnut Hill

by John F. Deane


Snow Falling on Chestnut Hill | 9781847771179 | John F. Deane

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/09/2009 by Carcanet Press Ltd


John F. Deane is a vital and generous presence in Irish poetry. “New and Selected Poems” gathers work from Deane’s five previous “Carcanet” collections, alongside a new sequence, “Snow Falling on Chestnut Hill”. Written with an inquiring intelligence, these poems of a dozen years meditate on the relevance of Christian spirituality to our troubled times. Each of the twelve poems in the title sequence presents a movement of the spirit, from the author’s childhood in the west of Ireland, through the death of a wife, to the birth of a grandchild. Arranged in the manner of an orchestral symphony, each section takes its cue from a different piece of music, from Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” to Mozart’s “Laudate Dominum”. The sequence traces, phase by phase, the development of a Christian life. Faith, in its broadest sense, is inflected by imagination.