Small World: Ireland, 1798-2018

by Seamus Deane


Small World: Ireland, 1798-2018 | 9781108840866 | Seamus Deane

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Published:27/05/2021 by Cambridge University Press


Seamus Deane is one of the most vital and versatile authors of our time. His new book presents an unmatched survey of Irish writing, and of writing about Irish issues, from 1798 to the present day. Elegant, polemical and trenchant, it addresses the political, aesthetic and cultural dimensions of several notable literary and historical moments, and monuments, from the island’s past and present. The style of Swift; the continuing influence of Edmund Burke’s political thought in the USA; the echoing debates about national character; aspects of Joyce’s and of Elizabeth Bowen’s relation to modernism; memories of Seamus Heaney; analysis of the representation of Northern Ireland in Anna Burns’s fiction – these topics constitute only a partial list of the themes addressed by a volume that should be mandatory reading for all those who care about Ireland and its history. The writings included here, from one of Irish literature’s most renowned critics, have individually had a piercing impact, but they are now collectively amplified by being gathered together here for the first time between one set of covers. Small World: Ireland, 1798-2018 is an indispensable collection from one of the most important voices in Irish literature and culture.

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