by John Toomey


Sleepwalker | 9781564786012 | John Toomey

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/01/2008 by Dalkey Archive Press


Stuart Byrne is a young, beautiful, single businessman who finds his perfect life sabotaged by a growing awareness of his own superficiality. Nauseated by his own helplessness, struck by a creeping lethargy, Stuart tumbles through a tumultuous week of excess, promiscuity, deception, cowardice, and regret, and in the process manages to trade his slick perfection for a fantastic, and darkly hilarious, catastrophe. A deadpan comedy about the rather unfunny void in the center of many modern lives, “Sleepwalker” explores how our trying to fill that void can be just as destructive as ignoring it, and how the world will always let the beautiful get away with murder.