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Objects of Wonder Journal

SEED is a new mixed media journal of art and writing. In a typical issue, you might find something to read, something to eat, things to look at and listen to, to watch, to keep, and something to plant for a new season.

Issue 3: Constellations:

Imaginative in nature, people have gazed up at the constellations since prehistory, assigning them meaning and form. Issue #3 of SEED reflects this pull of the stars and presents work that is inspired by deep sky. In the issue you?ll find an interview on dead stars, sound art, a visual poem, new work that imagines community as a kind of constellation to be mapped, photographs that take us stargazing, and sculpture which seeks to make contact with extraterrestrials.

Contributors include: Ann-Marie Madigan, Bog Cottage, Dave Madigan, David O?Neill, Emily Esdale, Jackie Neon, Jennifer Cunningham, Julie Merriman, Niamh Gibbons, Renata Pekowska, Ruth Kerr, Samir Mahmood.

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