Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit


Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit | 9781838954635 | Assaad Razzouk

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/09/2022 by Atlantic Books


‘Punchy, provocative and wonderfully readable’ – David Shukman
‘Eye-popping and essential’ – Rowan Hooper
‘A must-read’ – Peter Stott

Have you heard that you should plant trees to save the planet? Or buy carbon offsets when you fly? Or recycle plastic? Go vegan? Or not have children? What if all these actions were a distraction, no matter how well-intentioned?

In this provocative manifesto, Assaad Razzouk shows that for too long our ideas about what’s best for the environment have been unfocused and distracted, trying to go in too many directions and concentrating on individual behaviour. While some of these things can be useful, they are dwarfed by one big thing that simply has to happen very soon if we’re to avoid major environmental breakdown: curtailing the activities of the fossil fuel industry.

Full of counter-intuitive statistics and positive suggestions for individual and collective action, this ingenious book will change how you view the climate crisis.

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