Save Me The Waltz


Save Me The Waltz | 9781784878078 | Zelda Fitzgerald

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:06/10/2022 by Vintage Publishing


‘We couldn’t go on indefinitely being swept off our feet’

One of the great literary curios of the twentieth century Save Me the Waltz is the first and only novel by the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. During the years when Fitzgerald was working on Tender is the Night, Zelda Fitzgerald was preparing her own story, which strangely parallels the narrative of her husband, throwing a fascinating light on Scott Fitzgerald’s life and work. In its own right, it is a vivid and moving story: the confessional of a famous glamour girl of the affluent 1920s and an aspiring ballerina which captures the spirit of an era.

VINTAGE DECO: Nine blazing, daring novels to celebrate the 1920s – 100 years on.

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