Richard Harris; Raising Hell


Richard Harris; Raising Hell | 9781785374401 | Joe Jackson

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Richard Harris is undisputably one of Ireland?s greatest ever acting legends. The star of This Sporting Life, The Field and Harry Potter and the Philosopher?s Stone ? to name but a few of his acclaimed hits ? he was as famous for his off-screen antics as those on screen.

Notorious for having an insatiable lust for life (and women) and a fiery personality, when Harris first met Irish journalist Joe Jackson in 1987, they almost came to blows, but before the interview ended, they had become firm friends. Harris understood that Jackson wanted to unearth deeper truths about him than he usually disclosed during interviews. Jackson told him, ?I want to show the public there is far more to you than your superficial image as a boozing, brawling womaniser.? Harris loved this idea. Later in life, he?d grown reflective; his image didn?t sit well with him. And so he asked Jackson to write his biography. This is that book.

Based on extensive taped interviews Jackson and Harris recorded between 1987 and 2001, and with the support of his family, this is the story of the great Richard Harris told in full for the first time, and in his own words, twenty years after his death.

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