Red Hugh Lisson

by Deborah Lisson


Red Hugh Lisson | 9780862786045 | Deborah Lisson

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:01/08/1999 by O'Brien Press Ltd


The extraordinary true story of Red Hugh O’Donnell — kidnap, gaol, dungeons, escape

Ireland in 1587 was a tough place. The old Irish clans struggled desperately to hold on to their lands. With the Spanish Armada threatening her in the background, the English queen, Elizabeth I, set out to subdue them.

A few weeks before his fifteenth birthday, Red Hugh was captured and taken to Dublin Castle. He was held as hostage to ensure the good behaviour of his father, chief of the powerful O’Donnell clan of Donegal. After several years, one freezing winter’s night the chance of escape seemed to come at last. But there were great risks …