Practical Thinking Edward de Bono

by Edward De Bono


Practical Thinking Edward de Bono | 9781785041112 | Edward De Bono

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:02/11/2017 by Ebury Publishing


In Practical Thinking de Bono’s theme is everyday thinking, how the mind actually works – not how philosophers think it should. Based on the results of his famous Black Cylinder Experiment (a critical thinking task that asks participants why they think a black cylinder falls over), de Bono explores the four practical ways of being right. From there he picks out and names the five levels of understanding – and the five major mistakes in thinking.

From memes and Instagram to twitter and bestselling books like Mistakes I Made At Work, mistakes – and what we can learn from them – are a hot topic. With Edward you’ll learn exactly why we all make them.