Poetry: A Survivor’s Guide


Poetry: A Survivor’s Guide | 9781501376207 | Professor Mark Yakich

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:03/11/2022 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


Poetry: A Survivor’s Guide has earned high praise from students, teachers, and readers from around the globe for its playful sincerity and idiosyncratic humor and for its approach to a subject both loved and feared. Updated and expanded, including six new sections, the second edition probes a range of strategies for inspiring students and aspiring poets on the ways poetry relates to their own lives. These include the delights and pitfalls of individual meditation, the complications of identity and appropriation, and the uses and utility of poetry as a tool of social change.

The second edition also includes a curated companion website for teachers, students, and aspiring poets that features poetry examples, writing prompts and exercises, and resources for publishing poetry. Online resources to accompany this book are available at:

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