Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook

by Eamonn McGuinness


Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook | 9781999359812 | Eamonn McGuinness

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:30/01/2019 by Lead Inside Out Publications


If you wish to lead a good life, reach your potential, lead a team, lead a family, lead a project or an organization, the most important person to first lead is yourself. If you lead yourself well, then you are in a position to lead others, and others will be open to your leadership. You will be leading from the inside out. This book is organized into five numbered sections designed to help you evolve your own personal and collaborative leadership as follows: 1. Personal Change: gradually but intentionally manage your own personal and professional evolution, whatever that is for you (and it is different for each one of us). 2. Personal Leadership: be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, more effective and efficient, leading yourself by managing your energy, attitude, personality, time and associated tools. 3. Situational Leadership: manage well the common situations that occur in teams inside and outside of work, such as meetings, presentations, decision-making, giving everyone a voice and adopting team/group leadership approaches and models that work for you and the situations you encounter. 4. Collaborative Project Management: know and practice the typical stages and steps involved in successfully managing a project collaboratively with a team, including the steps for project team members to follow. 5. Going Further: use this handbook to deliver a series of workshops for your teams, to gradually improve the leadership, project and management practices of yourself and the groups and organizations you work with.

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