Past Darkness SP

by Sam Millar


Past Darkness SP | 9781847177414 | Sam Millar

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:10/08/2015 by O'Brien Press Ltd


A young girl disappears after escaping from a religious orphanage, and another is caught on grainy film being abducted as her family home burns down.

While investigating the missing girls, Karl Kane catches a glimpse of a demon from his past – could it be that Walter Arnold, the monster who raped and murdered his mother, is walking the streets again?

Kane is determined that this time he will face down his darkest fears and confront the evil killer.

Award-winning noir writer Sam Millar is in fine form in this, the fourth instalment in the Karl Kane series

‘Extremely original, it is a chillingly gripping book.’ Publishers Weekly on Bloodstorm

‘A thriller that took my breath away’ bleachhouselibrary on Blacks Creek