Parker Plays 2

by Stewart Parker


Parker Plays 2 | 9780413743503 | Stewart Parker

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:10/01/2000 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


“Stewart Parker was a playwright whose sense of history and elegance of wit and feeling were unusual in the British Theatre” (Observer) This volume includes three of Stewart Parker’s most striking plays – Northern Star: ‘Only an Irishman could have written something like this: a freewheeling, lunatic sense of invention is harnessed to a cultivated, literary imagination and stoked up by moral outrage. It is a captivating play’ (Sunday Times); Heavenly Bodies: ‘The colourful, rather Balzacian story of Boucicault …An undoubted talent for pungent dialogue’ (The Times); Pentecost: ‘One of the most stimulating, most satisfying, most touching, most illuminating in years of Irish theatre. A total theatrical experience’ (Irish Times)