P.S. Look Out for Snakes


P.S. Look Out for Snakes | 9781838345426 | Miriam Farrell-Shtaierman

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Published:07/03/2022 by Katounia Press


Brian Farrell (1929-2014) was one of the most respected broadcasters of his generation, as well as a distinguished academic. He covered current affairs on RT? for over four decades, including general elections and state funerals. His daytime job was as lecturer and then professor in the Department of Politics at UCD. One of the pioneers of Irish political science, his numerous books and articles made a significant contribution to the advancement of the discipline. And many will agree that the secret to his success was his wife, Marie-Th?r?se, and the happy home life they built together with their seven children.

In late July 1954, Brian travelled to Harvard to complete his Masters degree. In the nearly eight months that they were separated, Brian and Marie-Th?r?se wrote to each other on a daily basis. Brian shared all his new experiences with Marie-Th?r?se and she kept him updated on what was going on at home. Ireland in the 1950s had nothing to offer young people and America had everything. Their correspondence not only provides a personal insight into a unique Irish couple at the beginning of their life together but is also a real-time commentary on social and political life in both Ireland and America in the mid-1950s.

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