On The Banks of the Dodder: Rathgar & Ch

by Ged Walsh


On The Banks of the Dodder: Rathgar & Ch | 9781788492706 | Ged Walsh

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Published:26/10/2021 by O'Brien Press Ltd


Take a trip along the Dodder and see the two suburbs nestling on its banks. The growth and development of both Rathgar and Churchtown, on opposite banks of the river, given an intimate view on the development of Dublin and Ireland through the centuries: from fields and farms to the densely-populated, busy suburbs of the 21st century.

With meticulous research, anecdotes about residents famous and other wide and rediscovered full coloured photographs, maps and new drawings throughout, this is a beautiful book to be treasured. Whether your family are from the area or you are a new resident, this book is a must-have on your shelf.

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