New Work New Culture

by Frithjof Bergmann


New Work New Culture | 9781789040647 | Frithjof Bergmann

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Format:Paperback / softback

Published:28/06/2019 by John Hunt Publishing


The “job system” for organizing work has only existed for around 200 years – since the industrial revolution. Always problematic, it now approaches collapse, and what follows, either for good or ill, depends on decisions made and executed in current times. Many people are filled with dismay, and turn for succor to political opportunists. Prescient of the looming disaster, Frithjof Bergmann began to devise alternatives to the job system in the 1970s. He started with the fostering of dialogue, about ameliorating the impacts of layoffs in times of recession, among the workforce in the auto industry and community, in Flint, Michigan. What has evolved, over years, is his proposed alternative to the job system. New Work, New Culture recounts the development of his ideas, and describes one course which humanity might follow, that all might live better lives.